How do I setup Outlook?

1) Run Outlook
2) Open the Tools menu, then select "Email Accounts"
3) If you've already got an account setup, select "Edit an existing account" [otherwise, make your way through the Add Account screens using the information below, and then edit the account to match steps 11-17]
4) From the list, click on the account you want to edit, then click Change
5) Top blank = a friendly name, something like "" should do fine
6) Name = Your full name, with proper case (people will see this)
7) Email address = your FULL address (user@domain.ext)
8) Put the password in, and check the box if you want Outlook to remember it
9) Incoming server =
10) Outgoing server =
11) Click "More Settings"
12) Enter a reply-to address (user@domain.ext)
13) Click the tab Outgoing server, and put a check in the box "My Outgoing (SMTP) Server Requires Authentication"
14) Select the radio-button "Log on using", and set the username to your email address (user@domain.ext)
15) Password = whatever you set it to be when you made the email account
16) Check the box to remember the password
17) Click "OK"
18) Click "Next"
19) Click "Finish"
20) Send a message to yourself to test it. If you have trouble call in for additional help, you may be experiencing a blocking issue.

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